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Resources for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) & their carers

​OCD  First Aid Intensive Therapy? 

We were the first organisation to offer intensive therapy for OCD in the UK and we believe we still set the standard - always working to maintain and improve our unique format.  We look forward to welcoming you to what we believe is the most innovative and best quality of intensive treatment you will find.........


Group Intensive 

  • £1799.00

  • 5 day intensive treatment

  • Work friendly hours (see itinerary below)

  • Course location – Twickenham, London

  • Effective, inspirational and supportive group treatment

  • 15 years of specialist experience

  • The first and most effective intensive programme
    in the UK

Why the Group format?  Why not one-on-one treatment with a therapist? We have noticed is that the small group format can be as effective as treatment one on one. This is due to the powerful and unquantifiable benefits of having support and empathy from others who are going through the same experience as you.  In short, they mentor you and you mentor them so you learn how to give and receive constructive support. 

We make sure our courses comprise small groups in order to gain maximum results.  If you have reservations about working in a group, we can organise an intensive course just for you with the option to have the course in your own environment. 

  • Learn hand-on, day to day, practical skills to manage OCD from therapists who have OCD (and are  managing it on a daily basis)

  • Practice your new skills and develop an ongoing plan

  • Learn how to be a therapist (we want you to be your own therapist but with our support)

  • Gain support, empathy and empowerment to change your life today!

  • Gain greater self-awareness 

  • Learn how to transfer your new skills and knowledge to your own life

  • Set your goals for life: ‘what do I want NOW and in the future and how do I achieve these?’

Group Intensive FAQ

Should I stay in London during the course? If you are more than a short commute from London then it may be advisable to stay in London. The work can be tiring. We can help with reasonable accommodation suggestions and travel advice

Will I need to do an assessment first?
Yes, in order for us to plan your treatment, we will need to assess you beforehand. Assessments are 50 mins duration and can be in person or by phone/Skype. There is a reduced assessment rate of £80 for attendees of this Programme. Assessments can be booked upon confirmation of attendance.

Will my type of OCD be appropriate for the intensive? All subtypes are appropriate for the course and can be effectively treated. We can explain more about the process during the assessment

Is there an age limit? There is no upper age limit but it is aimed at attendees 17 years and over (younger attendees may be able to attend if accompanied. Please contact us on info@ocdfirstaid.com to discuss)

I’m a little unsure about working in a group. How do you ensure confidentiality? We have lengthy experience of working in a group format and take care to send confidentiality contracts in advance, set strict group boundaries and protect your personal information, verbal & written, at all times. If there are issues you feel sensitive about, please discuss these during your assessment and the therapist will work appropriately

Will I be completely cured in 5 days? Truthfully, no. OCD isn’t curable, but it is manageable. Our therapists, assistants and recovered clients still have OCD but it doesn’t stop them doing anything or hamper their lives. There is also 6 weeks phone session follow up which you will need to do

What are your success rates? We ask our clients to set specific, measurable goals during therapy and approximately 80% of our clients achieve their goals if they complete an intensive and their follow up sessions

Could I develop other peoples’ worries by attending the group?  We get asked this question frequently – “could I ‘catch’ other peoples’ OCD?”. The answer is no! It isn’t possible to do this. In 14 years of group treatment, this has never occurred. We can explain why this is the case during the course

How can I book a place? you can use the booking button at the top of this column, email info@ocdfirstaid.com, call 0207 096 0368 or message 07824 112811 with the message ‘book intensive’ and we will call you back.

Please ensure you read the full T&Cs before booking (see link below)

One to One Intensive

  • Prices range from £3000 depending on the location and requirements* 

  • Instalment plans are available

  • 5 day initial intensive minimum with additional follow-up therapy for 6 to 12 months as required

  • All clients who undergo one to one intensive therapy have free access to our group intensives as an integral part of their programme alongside their follow up sessions

  • We are happy to work alongside your carers if required

  • Your therapist will be available to you 24 hrs during your intensive therapy
  • Personalised itinerary, programme and goals established with client

  • You choose the location and set the timings

  • We can come to you (we will travel globally) or you come to us in Central London

  • We can assist with finding you accommodation in London and help with travel arrangements

  • Please ensure you read the full T&Cs before booking (see link below)

Why the intensive format? For those clients who require a swift recovery there is no doubt that our one to one intensive treatment is the optimum choice. For our clients who have moderate or severe OCD and are looking at this option, the strongly habitual elements of OCD respond best to an intensive format. We began seeing higher success rates in our clients who completed our intensive course when we first introduced it in 2003. The evidence we have observed from treating thousands of people with OCD is that the intensive format works more swiftly and has less incidence of relapse than traditional weekly treatment.

So we weren’t surprised when a recent study at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine using PET scans of patients who completed 4 weeks of intensive therapy demonstrated ‘’remarkable and rapid benefits of intensive daily cognitive-behavioural therapy [CBT] for OCD, even for patients who had not responded well to standard treatment previously,"

Furthermore, the lead author, Dr Sanjaya Saxena, in an interview with Medscape Psychiatry, added, “Intensive CBT should be the treatment of choice for patients whose OCD has been refractory to standard treatments."

​*Therapists travel or accommodation expenses may be additional.